History Of Daihatsu Compagno Berlina (1964)

Following Daihatsu's entry into the passenger car market with an 800cc Compagno van and wagon, it launched the Compagno Berlina compact passenger car. The bodyline ofthe car. with its Italian styling, was highly praised, and the Compagno Berlina became the first Japanese car to be exported
to the United Kingdom, an "advanced automobile country."

The Compagno Berlina attracted considerable attention in ‘I964 when the Mainichi Shimbun sponsored a project to follow the course of the Olympic torch for the Tokyo Olympics. Six people, including Daihatsu employees drove two Berlinas and one Highline 18,000Dkm over a grueling course through highlands, wetlands, and fiery desert sands In 1965, the Berlina set a record in the Japan Adult Economy Run by achieving a fuel eificiencv of 40.58km/l and proving the performance of its engine.

Daihatsu Compagno Berlina (1964)

History Of Daihatsu Compagno Berlina (1964)

Length: 3,795mm 
Width: 1,445mm 
Height: 1,410mm
Wheelbase: 2,220mm |Weight: 740kg
Total displacement 797cc | Maximum output: 41PS/5,000rpm
Maximum torque: 6.5kg - m/3,600rpm
Engine type: Water-cooled, four-cycle. OHV in-line, four-cylinder engine

Produksi Daihatsu Motor Tahun 1964 Compagno Berlina - Daihatsu Zebra

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