History of DAIHATSU - SKC7 (1957)

Produksi Awal Daihatsu ke 4 Tahun 1957 SKC 7

Japan's national roads and unpaved streets were very rugged. As a result of the trying conditions of roads before and after the Second World War, it was three-wheel trucks that played a leading role in the ground-based transport that supported economic growth. Following the War, rapid industrial development led to higher demand, and many new companies entered the market

History of DAIHATSU - SKC7 (1957)

Length: 3,855m
Width: 1,630m
Height: 1,860m
Wheelbase: 2,440m 
Total displacement 751cc. 
Maximum output 22PS 
Engine type: Air-cooled, four-cycle, OHV V-2 engine

Produksi Daihatsu Tahun 1957 SKC7 - Daihatsu Zebra

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