History of Daihatsu Sport (1963)

Daihatsu Sport - Produksi yang ke 6 Daihatsu Motor Tahun 1963

The motorization of Japan proceeded at a rapid pace in the 1950s and 1960s. Daihatsu, which had been a three-wheel truck manufacturer converted itself into a passenger car manufacturer, collaborated on design with vignale of Italy, and took other measures to press forward with world class passenger car manufacturing. In 1963, the Daihatsu Sport, Created through collaboration with Vignale, was displayed at the Turin Motor Show. At the time, it was unusual for Japanese manufacturers to exhibit at overseas motor shows, but there was a strong desire in Daihatsu as well as Japan, which was entering the dawn of its automotive age, to make a stir in advanced automobile countries. In 2006, after having had several owners, this Daihatsu Sport was returned to Daihatsu in near perfect condition 43 years after the motor show.

History of DAIHATSU - Daihatsu Sport (1963)

Length: 3,980m 
Width: 1580m 
Height 1260m 
Wheelbase: 2,220m 
Weight 710kg 
Total displacement 797cc 
Maximum output:50PS/6,500rpm 
Engine type. Water-cooled, four-cycle, in-line four-cylinder OHV engine

Produksi Daihatsu Motor Tahun 1963 Daihatsu Sport - Daihatsu Zebra

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